Dan Haarmann

Chief Executive Officer

"My brother and father and I all love New England sports teams. We have a Club called The Red Sox Rule where we share the latest news on the Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics and Bruins. And of course, we enjoy making fun of all things Yankees."

Dan manages all of the company's operations, employees and strategic growth plans. He previously served as Ongo's COO and CFO. Prior to Ongo, Dan was the vice president of finance and operations at Axiom Global Inc, a new model law firm, and spent four years at eBay, rising to North American Controller, eBay Marketplaces. He began his career as an auditor with PriceWaterhouseCoopers in Boston.

Howard Rosen

Chief Technology Officer

"I got tired of having to visit 10 different news sites every day to keep up on the news that I care about. Ongo delivers the news I need in one place without clutter or distraction. I'd like to say that I suddenly have more time, but I end up spending it reading other cool stories I discovered on Ongo."

Howard directs the company's technology strategy and is responsible for product architecture, implementation, and operations. Prior to coming to Ongo, Howard has held executive management and leadership roles in a number of startup companies. During his 20 plus years of software experience, Howard has worked on every layer of the technology stack, from microcode to UI design as well as having extensive experience in distributed systems, web, cloud and SaaS technologies. Most of his time these days is dedicated to managing and growing the Ongo Engineering team, but Howard still looks for opportunities to indulge his enjoyment of cranking code.

Kevin Skaggs

Chief Content Officer

"Professionally and personally, I'm passionate about staying up-to-date with what's going on in the world around me. What I love about Ongo is its smart blend of stories. Ongo not only offers me the information I need to know, but it's a place to discover those stories I may not have found otherwise."

Kevin manages the company's editorial team and oversees the curation of partner content on Ongo.com. Kevin works with Ongo's partners, editors and development team to ensure that Ongo subscribers get quality content from a variety of sources for a truly engaging news experience. Since 1996, Kevin has managed content and worked with editorial teams in the online world. Most recently, Kevin was the Executive Producer at SFGate.com, the online home of the San Francisco Chronicle, where he oversaw the content, product management, design and daily production of the site. Prior to this, Kevin worked in management roles at a host of online companies, such as VeriSign, NBC Internet, and Lycos. A graduate of the Graduate School of Journalism at Columbia University, Kevin has written for a variety of publications.

Dennis Marshall

VP of Product

"The news is the first thing I look for whenever I have a few minutes of downtime.  With Ongo, I get my news everywhere, on whatever device I have with me. I'll clip interesting articles on my phone while standing in line for coffee in the morning, check out breaking news on my laptop during the day, then read longer stories on my iPad at night."

Dennis helped build Nashoba Systems, a startup acquired by Claris (Apple's software subsidiary). At Claris, Dennis built FileMaker from a single product with $5M revenue to a multi-platform worldwide product line franchise generating over $100M annually.  Dennis also oversaw M&A activity, technology licensing, and spearheaded the company's early internet strategy.  Later, Dennis became Director of Consumer Products and online services at Adobe, and also served as Director of Adobe Ventures.  Dennis was also Vice-President of Product Management at SellPoint Inc., a venture-backed e-commerce video startup.  As Ongo's VP of Product, Dennis is responsible for the design and development of all of Ongo's properties across web and mobile.